7 miles was established by Fitness Influencer Shanel Turner. She is known in her community for her love of fitness since early childhood days. Through mentoring, practicing, and sharing her journey through her platform, she has been able to connect with all walks of life. Her dedication to health and fitness and love for fashion birthed the idea of creating a brand centered around fitness and 7 miles was formed. Seven is her daughter's name and Miles is her son's name.

The vision behind 7 miles is for everyone to be their own body goals. 7 miles has resistance bands used to build your body into the body you've always dreamt of. 7 miles has activewear that recently launched. Shanel has handpicked each piece herself choosing the best quality while offering needed comfort to support your lifestyle. Each piece is designed to enhance every body type.

While wearing 7 miles, be prepared to be stopped and asked where you bought this fashionable fitness outfit!