Lets Talk Natural Healers 🌱

Hey 7 miles babes!


Do you know about natural healers? Below 👇🏾 are 5 that heal, aid, and soothe. Changing up our lifestyle by how we treat our bodies is beneficial in so many wonderful ways. Take a look!


Aloe Vera

Benefits- anti bacterial and anti fungal, clear skin, keep hair dandruff free

Use- use the gel as a face cleanser and hair mask


Baking Soda

Benefits- deep clean scalp, skin soft feet, teeth whitener, natural deodorant

Use- rub under under pits, mix with water to make a scalp and face scrub



Benefits- burns toxins, cures acne, treats coughs, colds, heals wounds, anti inflammatory, anti viral, antioxidant

Use- use in milk, tea, soup, or stew. Make a face mask



Benefits- antiseptic, anti bacterial, relieves cough and cold, detoxifies

Use- crush and use directly on wounds, add to sauces, sauce for vegetables



Benefits- anti inflammatory, relieves bloating, headache, menstrual cramps, and nausea

Use- Make tea, use in stir-fries, soups, and salads


Let me know your thoughts friends! Comment below 👇🏾 if you already use some of these healers & how it’s helped or if you will give it a try!


Xoxo 😘


I put Turmeric in my milk in the mornings 😋 There’s some you mentioned I haven’t tried! Thank you

Jenn T March 21, 2022

I did not know Ginger helps with Bloating! Thanks for the tips!

Sheila Roberts March 21, 2022

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