The Pursuit of Wellness

Hey Luvs!!

   I want to share 3 easy at home wellness shots with you!  Move the tequila shots aside and try these immunity and wellness boosters. While they are a convenient grab at your local grocery store, they can add up cost wise + who has time to keep heading back to the store. There are some great wellness shots that are super easy to make at home and not all require a juicer! Check out 3 below! 

Apple Cider Vinegar Shot

-If you struggle with ingestion and want to give your metabolism a kick, try this. 

-2 tablespoons ACV

-1 teaspoon honey 

-1 oz hot water


Lemon, Orange, Ginger Shot

-Perfect to boost your immune system the natural way. Drink daily for a daily detox as lemon is a natural detoxifier and turmeric is anti-inflammatory. 

-1/2-inch piece of ginger, grated or 2-in piece, juiced

-1 lemon, quartered and squeezed

-1 orange, quartered and squeezed

-1 tsp. ground turmeric sprinkled on top

Beet, Pineapple, Carrot, Lemon Shot 

-Take this before you workout! Beets are rich in nitrates, which help the body convert to nitric oxide and improve blood flow allowing muscles to work more efficiently.

-1 beet, peeled 

-2 carrots, roughly peeled 

-1 cup pineapple 

-1 lemon


Comment below 👇🏾 if you’d like a shot 😜 and will try one!



Shanel 💋


I usually don’t eat beets but the pineapple in it sounds good. I’ll have to try. You never know. Thanks for the content. Love what you’re doing

Sami September 24, 2021

I’ll take a shot please!

Rem J September 24, 2021

Thanks for including the benefits of each shot!

Gretchen September 24, 2021

Great topic. I’ll have to try these. Thanks!

Yadim K September 24, 2021

All three please 🔥

Jade P September 24, 2021

I’d like to try one. I need one of each. Thanks! I’ll try these recipes. The benefits are healthy for the body

Grace September 22, 2021

Shots, shots, shots 🥰 I love the topic 🌱🌱

Francine September 22, 2021

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for the content! I want a shot! Don’t forget about me! Shots over Tequila!

Kayla Rogers September 22, 2021

I just read all of your blogs! You are doing amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ll take a shot too

Tamera Jones Sanchez September 22, 2021

give me all three 😜

Jen September 22, 2021

Thank you Queen. I’ll have to try the lemon and ginger one

Rochelle Lynn September 22, 2021

I’ll take a shot! Thank you for sharing. I’ll have to try these

Jocyln K September 22, 2021

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